Out Of The Box Regifted


When Life Gives You a Second Chance, Embrace it Like There’s No Tomorrow!

Out of the Box Regifted is the 2nd book in the highly rated Out of the Box series, which focuses on second chances and romance from the other side…..of 30.
The main characters are older, but there is a tatted up rock band thrown into the mix. Each character will win your heart and take you on one helluva ride.

Out of the Box Regifted starts with a new beginning for Olivia and Ash. What could possibly stop them from finding their happily ever after?
In order to move on, Olivia must face the haunting demons from her past life with Alan, her ex husband. Demands and more betrayals will force her to come to grips with things she can’t change and practice forgiveness not only for those in her past, but for herself as well.
Faced with his own hidden secrets, will Ash allow Olivia to stand by him? In the midst of happiness, this blended family will find they will also have to trust in the love and family bonds to get them through what is coming next or they will self-destruct. How long can Ash keep parts of his life hidden from those who love him?
Will Olivia be able to gain the confidence she needs to explore the new life Ash is offering while staying true to herself? Can she let go of the need to know the whole truth and be willing to trust what she’s building with Ash?
Follow Olivia Petersen on this next chapter of her journey as she discards the meek, obedient wife role and morphs into the free spirited, determined woman who not only deserves to be loved, but commands respect from those in her life. Can she maintain her courage to seek what she needs to be free from the past, while clinging on to what Ash offered her as a future?